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Programs Created for Community Collaboration and Development

(Program set up and budget breakdown is sent upon request) 


-Serve Community Service Learning Curriculum- We have developed a 12-week, in-depth breakdown of the philosophy of giving back to communities and people in need. The curriculum focuses on a service project of their choice that help build leadership skills, improves social behaviors, and educates students with the hopes of them continuing to lead in their communities. We offer trainings and workshops for our service learning curriculum for youth-based organizations and school districts that want to implement this tool.

What We Offer:

-12 week Service Learning Booklets for students

-Materials needed for overall community service project

Ideal Program Structure:
-After school setting or in school elective
-One hour per session, twice a week
-Elementary, middle or high school students

Ideal Structure: 

-Program Facilitator or Volunteer 

-Can be implemented as an elective in school or after school program 

-Twice a week for an hour 


Organizations that have implemented this program: 

-Andrew & Walter Young YMCA 

-Villages at Carver Family YMCA 

-New Schools at Carver High School 

-Teen Lifestyle Clinic- This new model of after school or push in support is designed to provide life skills and resources for high school students who want to be and do better. The pop-up style center allows teens and their parents to explore different parts of Atlanta by visiting local businesses and co-working spaces in the area. Mentors and volunteers provide tutoring, college/career/trade readiness, job research and training, community service hours, essay writing, among other resources. T.L.C can also be implemented within youth-based organizations as a flexible after-school program for high schoolers. This format consists of a 2 to 3 hour block for students to come, get the information they need, attend a workshop, listen to a speaker and network with other students.

What We Offer:

- Tutoring & Academic Support  
- Job Training and Job Application review
- College/Career & Trade Exposure and Experience
- Essay Writing/Scholarship Research
- Help with College Applications
- College application review
-Field Trips
-Understanding Financial Aid
-Community Service Projects and Hours

Ideal Program Structure:

-Would require a Program Facilitator/Volunteer team
-After school setting from 4pm-7pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday from 12-3
-Serving different areas around Atlanta (i.e. resource center would be housed in various non profit or businesses around Atlanta and outside of Atlanta for Saturday sessions.)


Organizations that have implemented this program: 

-South Fulton Library 


-Small Business Internship Program- Connecting high school and college students with local businesses to provide hands on learning and teachable moments. The purpose of this program is to exposure youth adults to the world around them that they might not get the opportunity to do or even think about.

What We Offer:
-Welcome packet for each student that is accepted into the program

-Booklets and other materials related to program

Ideal Program Structure:
-This program is structured is assist students with pairing them with local businesses in the area
-Average time spent of research, orientation, pairing process = 25 hours per week
-High school students and college students seeking internships and hands-on learning


​​Organizations that have implemented this program- 

-Atlanta Metropolitan College 

-Atlanta Technical College 


-Entrepreneur Success Sessions- Simple 8 session, project-based program that explores entrepreneurship from a passion and impact perspective. Middle and high school students discuss ideas, plans, and strategies as it relates to mapping out their ideas and what it looks like long-term to run a business.

What We Offer:
- Presentation style sessions on topics centered around entrepreneurship

-Booklets and other materials related to program

Ideal Program Structure:
-Would require a Program Facilitator
-After school setting or in school elective

-One hour per week once or twice a week for 8 or 4 weeks

Organizations that have implemented this program-

-Girls Inc.